Reputation is one of two currencies, the other being money, in the Beholder series.


Reputation is said to be more valuable than money, as money can be stolen, but reputation needs to be earned, and cannot be stolen. In Beholder and Beholder: Blissful Sleep, one reputation point is approximately worth $3, as a 50 reputation camera can be sold for $150. In the beta version of Beholder, one reputation point is worth $10.


Reputation can be used to bribe police and get away with illegal activity. It is commonly used to persuade tenants to do what you want by showing your power in the ministry. It can also be used to buy cameras.


In Beholder, reputation is earned through finding out about a tenant's illegal activity or finding information about them. It can also be rewarded by the ministry.

In Beholder 2, the only way to earn reputation is to give information about other employees through the Anonymous Trust System on the Phone. Earning 15 000 reputation allows Evans Redgrave to apply for a promotion.

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