The Mine 17 Labor Strike is an riot organized by the New Tomorrow Movement.


If Carl Stein tells George Danton that Antoine Grubic works for the government over the phone, the labor strike will occur and he will get $1500. Anna Stein will go outside the apartment to go shopping and will be injured by the stampede of people. A few police cars will go by during this, and one of them will bring Anna to the hospital. Carl will get a $500 healthcare bill. In a few hours, Anna will die from her injuries.

If Carl does not do so, the miners will go on vacation and the strike will not occur.


The miners' living conditions were very low, and the New Tomorrow Movement wanted to encourage them to fight back against the government. Antoine Grubic was sent by George Danton to print out several leaflets and brochures, but he was secretly a double agent who worked for the government. He printed out pro-government leaflets that were against the New Tomorrow Movement, rather than leaflets that encouraged miners to protest for their rights. If he is reported to George Danton, the movement is able to recover from Antoine's betrayal and the strike will occur as normal. Several people were injured in riots, and at least one of them died in the hospital.

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