This is a list of every fact you can find about a tenant that can be send in as a profile.


  • Plays the piano: find piano sheet music or see tenant playing the piano
  • Plays the violin: find violin sheet music, tenant's violin, or see tenant playing the violin
  • Doesn't make trouble: find empty bottles
  • Likes to gamble: find deck of cards and dice
  • Dangerous tendencies: find broken bottle
  • Victim of domestic abuse: ask Dora Noel what she wants after she has a quest for you after you give her a sleeping aid
  • Foreign spy: convince Albert Meineke to tell you the truth about not being mute for 500 reputation
  • Albert Meineke can speak!: find Albert speaking on the phone
  • Drinks: see tenant drinking
  • Government worker: find note in Antoine Grubic's apartment.
  • Dreamy nature: find book with a heart on it
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