Anna Stein is a tenant and the wife of Carl Stein. She only appears in Beholder.


She automatically moves into the Basement of the apartment building at the start of the game.

Quests given

Quests associated with

Information on tenant

Anna Stein has no information for profiles.

Illegal items and actions

Anna will read and cry over the course of the game, if Carl fulfills all of his family's quests. She will also store a gun in her room.


Carl is able to talk to Anna about several events over the course of the game, which shows the player Carl's personality. The following list shows every time that Carl can talk to Anna, not counting quests:


If both Martha and Patrick are dead, Anna will commit suicide by drinking a poisonous substance. This will not occur if Patrick is in another country.

If Carl tells George Danton that Antoine Grubic works for the government over the phone, Anna will be trampled to death during the Mine 17 Labor Strike

If Carl reports Patrick and the police arrest him, Anna will shoot Carl after Carl talks to her or after a few hours of Carl not talking to her.


  • Anna has the most dialogue out of any other tenant in the game.
  • Like the rest of her family, Anna cannot be blackmailed or profiled.
    • However, she can be reported and arrested.
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